Australian And New Zealand Judges

Australian And New Zealand Judges Are As Different As Night And Day

In the real world side of the looking glass, Australia found another one of its judges guilty yesterday of criminal conduct in a case which is eerily similar to the Judge Michael Lance car-keying trial two weeks ago.

Raffaelle Barberio
Raffaelle Barberio

Lance was acquitted by Judge Kevin Phillips, but the Australian court found Victoria Magistrate Raffaele Barberio(pictured) guilty of scratching his neighbour’s car.  Barberio was fined $7500 and placed on a good behaviour bond.  He has stepped down as a magistrate.

Years before the car-keying, Barberio had threatened the neighbour and another man on separate occasions.  The court heard the vandalism incident happened just after Barberio received the prosecution brief relating to the earlier assault.

New Zealand’s own Judge Lance had, years before his acquittal for car-keying, sued a radio talk-show host for calling him an idiot.  Twelve years ago Judge Lance rigged a criminal trial to acquit his son Simon’s former law partner in Rotorua of fraud and blackmail.  Current NZ Supreme Court Judge John McGrathconcealed Lance’s criminal offending in that trial, even after the Police District Commander filed a formal complaint.  Requests for the old file from Crown Law have been rejected on grounds the evidence is legally privileged.

Transparency New Zealand suggested Australia’s Independent Commission Against Corruption must be working.  In contrast, no New Zealand Judge has ever been found guilty of an offence in the nation’s history.