Crown persecutes where law prevents prosecution

Urewera raid defendants are lining up to appeal Auckland High Court Justice Helen Winkelmann’s Judgment that **INFORMATION SUPPRESSED BY ORDER OF THE NEW ZEALAND HIGH COURT**,  and, therefore, a judge-alone trial is necessary when trying the fifteen defendants. It is understood most of the defendants have already signed up to an appeal to be filed with the Court of Appeal in late January.

Meanwhile, Crown Law has sent notice that it intends to prosecute kiwisfirst publisher Vince Siemer for publishing Winkelmann’s judgment, on the grounds Winkelmann ordered the public not be told about it. Crown Law is seeking Siemer be imprisoned.

The threat to prosecute comes despite Meredith Connell advising the High Court and Crown Law that they intend to seek rescission of all suppression orders on behalf of the prosecution on the grounds publication of Winkelmann’s judgment “cannot possibly prejudice the fair trial rights of the accused, and (the issues in the judgment) are a matter of genuine public interest.”