Associate Justice David Gendall

GENDALL, David Ian

High Court Justice David Gendall

Professional Data:

2014 Judge Survey Score (1-10):  7.1    Ranking (out of 63):  53rdAssociate High Court Justice David Gendall

Postion & Titles: Former Dean of Law School, Waikato University, Hamilton, NZ
Judge of: Justice of the High Court since June 2013
Associate Judge High Court, Wellington, 2002
Specializations and Professional Interests: teaching
Professional Comments: David Gendall J is a judge who makes up in determination what he lacks in independence and competence.  He tends to delight in belittling some litigants who appear before him as well as rule in favour of the more powerful lawyer.  This suggests that Gendall AJ is a political animal first.

One bizarre aspect of Associate Justice Gendall’s demeanour is his propensity to flee the court when confronted with a powerful legal challenge to his attempt to steer the hearing or when faced with a deception of the court.  At least two unassociated complaints have been filed with the Judicial Conduct Commissioner regarding such conduct.

Associate Justice David Gendall’s low judicial ranking is noteworthy given the more rudimentary functions of an Associate Judge in New Zealand. Brother of High Court Judge and current head of the Parole Board Warwick Gendall.  CAUTION: where one brother has a conflict, both brothers will have a conflict.

Background / Education: Graduated LLB (Hons) from Victoria University of Wellington in 1973. Previously he worked as a law clerk at Luke Cunningham & Clere, and then Buddle Anderson & Co in Wellington.

In 1974 he joined the Hamilton law firm of Chapman Feenstra & Cartwright, and in 1975 was admitted to the partnership of that firm (later McCaw Lewis Chapman).

In 1988 he retired from partnership and joined the Law School at the University of Waikato as a senior lecturer. He was appointed dean of the law school in 2000, and then joined the High Court bench as a master in March 2002.

He became an associate judge of the High Court when the title changed in May 2004, was promoted to High Court Judge in 2013 and is based at the Wellington High Court.

Degrees: LLB, (Hons.) Victoria, 1973, LLM (Hons.) Victoria 1967
Admitted to the Bar: 1966
Company Involvements: Former director of Hamilton Legal Sevives Ltd

Personal Data

Born: Carterton, New Zealand Sex: Male
Married: 2nd Children:
Interesting Relationships and Coincidences: Brother of High Court Judge John Warwick Gendall
Miscellaneous: Son of John Wilfred & Gwenda Perry (nee Hollings) Gendall