Associate Justice David Robinson

ROBINSON, M. David     – Associate Judge Robinson –

Professional Data                      ** WARRANT NOT RENEWED IN 2009 **

Postion & Titles: Associate Judge   LEFT THE BENCH IN DECEMBER 2009 UNDER SUSPICION
Judge of: Auckland High Court, 2007  Family Court judge from 1983 to 2006.
Specializations and Professional Interests: Family Law
Professional Comments:  Associate Judge Robinson was appointed by Attorney General Michael Cullen in September 2007 to a one year term of Associate Judge in the Auckland High Court.  This temporary posting follows a long and unscrupulous career as a Family Court Judge where Justice Robinson generally went along to get along.  Mr Robinson is an intensely curious man whose normal inpulse is to test people and evidence ahead of trial.  Will often seek input from his peers as to extraneous issues he should consider in this vein.  Quite prone to use the law to support his theory that square pegs should fit in round holes where his friends or powerful influences are concerned.
Background / Education: Not sure Associate Judge David Robinson finished Law School.  Much of his history is untraceable.
Degrees: Does anyone know whether this fellow graduated??
Admitted to the Bar: 1969(?)
Company Involvements:

Personal Data

Born: 1946
New Zealand
Sex: Male
Married: Children:
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