High Court Justice Ailsa Duffy


Auckland High Court Judge

Professional Data:

2014 Judge Survey Score (1-10): 8.4    Ranking (out of 62): 2nd Ailsa Duffy Judge

Postion & Titles:  QC
Judge of: High Court, Auckland, appointed 2007 Previously well-connected to various government and bureaucratic functionaries
Specializations and Professional Interests: Worked as a ‘go-go’ dancer in the 1970’s at the old Monaco Club in Auckland.  Justice Duffy knows how to work a room.  See reported decisions (below).Areas of professed legal specialisation include Civil litigation, intellectual property, health and medical, property, public law, Treaty of Waitangi, Trusts, Fisheries, Insolvency and human rights.In private practice, Ailsa Duffy refused to act in cases which called into question government impropriety.  It is uncertain how this personal propensity to make decisions based upon perceived political ramifications as a practicing lawyer is being reconciled with the judicial oath which binds a judge to rule without fear or favour.
Professional Comments: Justice Ailsa Duffy came into the judicial appointment with a vigour and sense of honour which is not common in New Zealand.  Her combination of legal acumen, compassion and pervading sense of justice has won her kudos from many barristers who have appeared before her in her short tenure.Duffy J is also quite adept at playing both sides of the fence effectively.  Duffy J is well connected and knows how to work the system extremely well, particularly one dominated by old men.Justice Duffy’s judicial appointment was preceeded by a two year stint where Duffy J acted as Judicial Conduct Commissioner’s Ian Haynes ‘independent’ expert adviser (along with fellow High Court Judicial appointee Douglas White who was made a judge in 2009 and now sits on the Court of Appeal).  In this capacity, Ailsa Duffy was expected to confirm various formal complaints of judicial misconduct held no merit.  The JCC would then report that he had sought ‘independent’ advice and this advice told him there was no merit to the complaint.  Ingenious really.  JCC could not be held accountable because he truly relied on ‘expert advice’ in finding no judicial misconduct occurred.  AND the ‘expert advisor’ could not be held accountable because he/she had no fiduciary responsibility to the Crown or Parliament.  One hand legally washes the other.

Ailsa Duffy was paid extremely well and proved herself an exemplary performer in this role.  It is widely accepted that her own judicial appointment was because she saved a large portion of the NZ judiciary from scandal or embarassment.

Background / Education: Justice Duffy graduated from Auckland Girls Grammar School and obtained a LLB and then LLM (Hons) from Auckland University.In the 1970’s Justice Duffy worked as a go-go dancer at the old Monaco Club in Auckland.  Justice Duffy practised predominantly as a barrister from 1980-1988 when she joined the Crown Law Office. Justice Duffy returned to the independent bar in 1996 and was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1998.Justice Duffy also served as the Chair of the Ministerial Committee of Inquiry into the Under-reporting of Cervical Smear Abnormalities in the Gisborne region.Admitted as Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of the Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia in 1986.   LLM (Hons) Master of Laws with Honours, Auckland University in 1995 [Unpublished LLM thesis “Constraints on the Use and Disclosure of Confidential Information Held by the Crown”].
Degrees: LLB, Auckland Univeristy 1977,  LLM (Hon.), Auckland University 1995
Admitted to the Bar: 1979
Company Involvements:

Personal Data

Born: 1956 Sex: Female
Married: 19 Children:
Interesting Relationships and Coincidences:  Her past close relationship with the Judicial Conduct Commissioner of New Zealand virtually guarantees her immunity unless she whips out a gun and shoots someone in her Courtroom before two rolling cameras.  This said, Duffy J has already demonstrated herself as one of the more skilled and fair lawyers on the bench in New Zealand.
Miscellaneous: Comes to the Bench as an ‘old girl’.  Like most judges new on the bench, Justice Duffy has demonstrated a determination to be seen to be fair and reasoned in her rulings.  Too soon to tell whether Duffy J will permanently rise to the noble calling she has been given, but most legal insiders note the tendency of judicial appointments generally to succumb to their base tendencies the longer they are on the bench and increasingly adopt the bad habits of their stolid and unaccountable peers.


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