High Court Justice Edwin David Wylie

WYLIE, Edwin David  Justice of the High Court

High Court Justice Edwin WYLIE

Professional Data:

2014 Judge Survey Score (1-10): 6.7    Ranking (out of 62):  59th justice-edwin-wylie-photo

Postion & Titles: QC,  Doctorate of Law
Judge of: High Court, Auckland, 2008  Justice Wylie was appointed High Court Judge in Auckland by Michael Cullen
Specializations and Professional Interests:  Specialized in environmental law, administrative law, civil litigation, public law and arbitration.
Professional Comments: Justice Wylie is less than an imposing presence on the bench.  He generally comes across as feeble and indecisive, commonly asking appearing counsel whether they agree with his conclusions and then changing his conclusions radically if one side – particularly the Crown – suggest he missed the point.As with most judges in New Zealand, Wylie J can be fair if there is no personal reason not to be.  He is an average lawyer who has successfully fought above his weight but, because he commonly is riddled with self-doubt and is cursed with an overwhelming compulsion to please his audience, he is the butt of many jokes by the lawyers who appear before him.
Background / Education: Justice Wylie graduated LLM (First Class Hons) from Canterbury University in 1975 and received a PhD from Cambridge University in 1979.Justice Wylie joined Ronaldson Averill & Co in Christchurch, where he was made partner in 1980.  In 1983, he became a partner in the new firm, Lane Neave Ronaldson, where he acted for a number of major corporate clients and for local and territorial authorities.In 1991, Justice Wylie joined the independent bar as barrister sole. He was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2002.Justice Wylie has acted as a commissioner on behalf of various consent authorities under the Resource Management Act 1991, including acting as chair of a panel of commissioners in relation to the Christchurch Waste Water Plan hearing, and chair and commissioner in relation to the Canterbury Regional Council’s Air Quality Plan.   Justice Wylie has been a long-servicing member of the NZLS Civil Litigation & Tribunals Committee, joining it in 2000 and serving until 2006. During his last year on the committee, he was its convener.Until his appointment to the bench, Judge Wylie was a member of the recently established NZLS Law Library Board (see LawTalk 703,3; 3 March 2008). Justice Wylie also served on the NZLS Council for the three years up to his new appointment.

His service on Canterbury DLS committees began in 1982, when he joined its New Legislation Committee. He then served as a member of a number of committees and as convener of some of them. He became a Canterbury DLS executive member in 2004, was treasurer in 2005 and vice-president in 2006 before becoming president in 2007.

Degrees: LLM, PhD
Admitted to the Bar: 1976
Company Involvements: R K VILLUMSEN & SONS LIMITED

Personal Data

Born: 1953
New Zealand
Sex: Male
Married: 19 Children:
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