High Court Justice Pamela Andrews

ANDREWS, Pamela Jean

High Court Justice Pamela Andrews

Professional Data:

2014 Judge Survey Score (1-10):  7.5    Ranking (out of 63):   38th  Pamela andrews

Postion & Titles:  Okay, the photo is as fake as Judge Andrews  🙂
Judge of: High Court, Auckland
Specializations and Professional Interests: Insolvency, professional regulation and general commercial and property litigation
Professional Comments: Justice Pamela Andrews is an enigma to many lawyers because of the inability to determine whether some of her more inexplicable rulings are accidental or whether they are malicious breaches of law and fact.

In New Zealand, lawyers almost always give the benefit of the doubt to ineptitude even though they routinely concede that small island jurisprudence often equates to injustice by way of judicial bias.  This benefit of the doubt is probably more common with Andrews J than her Auckland High Court colleagues because Andrews J appears customarily engaged and thoughtful on the bench, in contrast to the more languished presence of Justices Patricia Courtney and Rebecca Ellis.

If you detach Justice Andrews’ bench demeanour from her, quite often, evident breaches of law and known fact to reach a conclusion, court observers can find it extremely difficult to reconcile the two.  This said, she does not appear to have the opportunity or need to pervert the law to the extent of many of her judicial colleagues because, relatively speaking, she does not have her fingers in as many pecuniary interests.  This does not excuse her ability – wittingly or unwittingly – to pervert the rule of law on frequent occasions.  If she was a jurist in Australia or the United Kingdom, she would never get away with what she gets away with in New Zealand.

Background / Education: Graduated with an LLB from Victoria University of Wellington in 1982.

Prior to undertaking her law degree, she had worked in a number of roles including with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, External Aid Division, and as a translator in Bern, Switzerland. She initially joined the Wellington law firm Luke Cunningham and Clere, moving to Kensington Swan in 1985. She became a partner of the firm in 1988, and a consultant from 2002.

Justice Andrews became a part-time member of the Refugee Status Appeals Authority from July 2003. She was a co-author of Civil Litigation Practice and Procedure, a Brookers publication, and is based at the Auckland High Court.

Degrees: LLB, Victoria University, 1982
Admitted to the Bar: 1982
Company Involvements: Kensington Swan Solicitors Nominee Company Ltd, Ruapehu Alpine Lifts Ltd (from Kensington Swan)

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Born: 1955(?) Sex: Female
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