High Court Justice Paul Davison

Davison, Paul

High Court Justice Paul Davison, QC

Professional Data:   

2014 Judge Survey Score (1-10): not rated   Ranking (out of 60): not ratedPaul Davison Judge

Postion & Titles:  Queen’s Counsel,  Son of a former New Zealand Chief Justice
Judge of: High Court, Auckland, appointed December 2015 Auckland
Specializations and Professional Interests:  Primarily criminal defence
Professional Comments:  Paul Davison is a consummate showman, with a theatrical presence.   Has a capable but not a particularly inspiring legal mind.

Acted in many high profile cases, including a class-action for Vietnam Vets over Agent Orange exposure, the Mt Erebus Crash Royal Commission, dominatrix Renee Chignall, defending Judge Martin Beattie and Counsel for Kim Dotcom.

Background / Education:  1974 – Graduated Auckland University, LLB.
1975 – Admitted as a barrister and solicitor.
1975 – joined Glaister Ennor & Kiff
1977 – joined Keegan Alexander Tedcastle & Friendlander (became partner in 1978)
1985-8 – Junior to Auckland crown solicitor, David Morris .
1990 – Barrister sole, representing Ray Smith from Goldcorp.
1996 – Appointed QC.
Degrees:  LLB from the University of Auckland, 1975
Admitted to the Bar:  1975
Company Involvements:  PAUL DAVISON LIMITED (345641) – Director

Personal Data

Born: 1952
New Zealand
Sex: Male
Married: Anne-Marie (40+ years) Children:  four children
Interesting Relationships and Coincidences:  Son of the former Chief Justice of New Zealand Sir Ronald Davison
Miscellaneous:  2015 interview with Davison  http://www.listener.co.nz/culture/shelf-life/i-have-always-had-a-sense-of-justice/

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