High Court Justice Rebecca Ellis

ELLIS, Rebecca

High Court Justice Rebecca Ellis

Professional Data:

2014 Judge Survey Score (1-10): 8.1    Ranking (out of 63): 14th   justice rebecca ellis sm

Postion & Titles: Member of The Rules Committee.
Judge of: High Court Judge, Auckland.  Appointed November 2009
Specializations and Professional Interests: Political involvement in the legal processes of Judiciary and government
Professional Comments: Having worked at Crown Law (twice) and as a member of The Rules Committee (the tight-knit club which determines how judicial affairs will be conducted), Judge Ellis would be privy to many of the secrets of New Zealand’s judges and their byzantine processes.  Her ability to keep these secrets was a major factor in the ‘merits’ of her appointment as judge.Justice Ellis’ inner knowledge of the systemic corruption and cronyism which features prominently in every aspect of government often translates into partisan protectionism in her judicial role.  However, Ellis J has demonstrated a more fearless approach than many of her judicial cohorts in exposing police corruption and cutting against the grain to refuse name suppression for white collar criminals.  This is a common trait of new judges, who often tend to rise to the nobility of their appointment more so than their acclimated peers.  One can only hope that Ellis J expands on it.
Background / Education: Justice Rebecca Ellis joined the Law Reform Division of the Department of Justice as a Legal Advisor in 1987 after graduating from Victoria University of Wellington.In 1992 she joined Chapman Tripp as a senior solicitor before joining the Crown Law Office as Crown Counsel. After a stint as Director of Legal Services at the Ministry of Economic Development, she returned to Crown Law and in 2006 became Team Leader of the Tax and Public Law Team.
Degrees: LLB, Victoria University, Wellington
Admitted to the Bar: 1987
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Born: 1965 Sex: Female
Married:   Spouse: 19 Children:
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