High Court Justice Rodney Hansen

Justice HANSEN,

Rodney Harold,  Rodney Hansen J

Professional Data:

2014 Judge Survey Score (1-10):   8.3       Ranking (out of 62):  9thRodney Hansen

Postion & Titles: QC
Judge of: High Court, Auckland, since 1999
Specializations and Professional Interests: Accounting / Corporate Law / Supervising judge of the Commercial List Judges since June 2006
Professional Comments: Justice Rodney Hansen is intellectually slow but studious on the bench.  One of the more open judges.Conservative on matters of the Court, Hansen J. appears to have become a standard-bearer for the old-guard.   Prone to interpret the law as limiting the rights of ordinary citizens or expanding the latitude of establishment lawyers when it threatens the status quo.Justice Rodney Hansen’s wife’s many social connections solidify this position. However, he has been known to rise above these tendencies when counsel is effective in appealing to Justice Hansen’s noble and trusted position within the judicial system.  Unfortunately, this has become more difficult with Justice Hansen’s time on the bench, where the baubles of power and absence of judicial accountability other than appeals have seduced His Honour.
Background / Education: Justice RODNEY HANSEN graduated LLB (Hons) from the University of Auckland in 1969 and was admitted to the Bar the same year.He was also admitted an Associate Chartered Accountant in 1969 having worked prior to undertaking his law degree as an accounting trainee/accountant for companies in Australian Consolidated Industries Ltd group.Rodney Hansen joined the law firm of McKegg & Adams-Smith in 1968, travelled overseas from 1969 and upon return to New Zealand in 1973 took up a staff solicitor position with Simpson Coates & Clapshaw. In 1976 Justice Hansen was made a partner of Simpson Coates & Clapshaw, and later Simpson Grierson and Simpson Grierson Butler White, before becoming a Barrister sole in 1991.

Rodney Hansen J was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1995 and took appointment to the High Court bench in 1999. He is based at the Auckland High Court.

HC Justice Hansen is the President, Legal Research Foundation Inc as per miscarriages.pdf (but the LRF Inc web site hasn’t been updated since 2005 so it doesn’t show)

Degrees: LLB (Hons) Auckland 1969
Admitted to the Bar: 1969
Company Involvements: Director Croesus Investments Ltd

Personal Data

Born: 13/03/1944
New Zealand
Sex: Male
Married: 1970
Penelope Jane Berghan
Children: 3 (Timothy Ratliff 1971, Keir Trevor 1973, Wilfred Berghan 1977)
Interesting Relationships and Coincidences: Justice Hansen’s wife is well-connected and proactive in various causes. She epitiomizes the slogan that there is a strong woman behind every successful man.
Miscellaneous: Mrs Hansen is involved in publishing with Tandem Press & the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival 24 May 2007.