Supreme Court Justice Terence Arnold

ARNOLD, Terence Hugh

Supreme Court Justice Terence Arnold

Professional Data:

2014 Judge Survey Score (1-10):  7.6    Ranking (out of 63):  27th Justice Terrence Arnold

Postion & Titles: QC
Judge of: Supreme Court since June 2013,Court of Appeal from 2006 Formerly Solicitor
Specializations and Professional Interests: Criminal Law
Professional Comments: Justice Arnold is not particularly known for his legal acuity or making any significant impact on the Court of Appeal bench where he was considered an intellectual lightweight even by New Zealand standards.  One Queen’s Council perhaps said it best about Terrence Arnold’s judgments; “What he lacks in legal detail, he makes up for in brevity.”  The remark summarises Justice Arnold’s often amateurish approach to cases, largely hidden by his shorter decisions but becoming glaringly apparent as his judicial reasoning became more elaborate.Justice Terrence Arnold is known for making rulings which are, diplomatically speaking, a bit like the teacher settling a dispute in the school yard.  You may not understand the reasons for it but you learn to accept it based upon the expressed certainty and finality.

Terrence Arnold J’s past conduct would likely preclude his ability to become a judge in any other law-respecting country.  Mr. Arnold is generally known in the NZ legal community to have engaged in criminal activity as Solicitor General serious enough that it could have landed him in prison (the prosecution was thrown out on the recommendation of Special Crown Counsel John Pike as “not in the public interest”).  The charge was under the Crimes Act 1961, s117(..).

Arnold J’s unfitness was further demonstrated when he essentially appointed himself to the Court of Appeal bench, befuddling the only man who stood in his way, former Attorney General (and notable non-lawyer) Michael Cullen, shortly after Cullen’s own political appointment to A-G in 2005.  Arnold J’s self-appointment to judge on New Zealand’s highest court by right was fostered by his authority as Solicitor General to appoint judges, pushed by judges who unquestionably knew of the allegations, if not his guilt, and strong-armed by Jim Farmer QC who wrote an endorsement letter on behalf of the New Zealand Law Society (the lawyer fraternity).  All of this occurred secretly, away from the public.

Arnold’s misconduct was in not only concealing ex-culpatory evidence in the Te Rata (Berryman) Bridge collapse (Kenneth Richards wrongful death case) but also the promotion of false evidence at the same time.

Background / Education: Terrence Arnold J graduated from Victoria University (BA and LLM) and New York University (LLM). He taught criminal law at Victoria University in Wellington as well as at several Canadian universities, including Dalhousie University and the University of Calgary.

He was a partner of Chapman Tripp Sheffield Young between 1985 and 1994.

Arnold J became a barrister sole in 1994 and shortly thereafter, was appointed Queen’s Counsel. He was Solicitor-General between 2000 and 2006.

He was appointed a judge of the High Court and the Court of Appeal in May 2006. Political

Degrees: Victoria University (BA and LLM)

New York University, LLM

Admitted to the Bar: 1977
Company Involvements:  Hides them very well.  If you are involved in commercial litigation before him, it might do well to hire a private investigator to explore any connections Judge Arnold may have with opposing parties.

Personal Data

Born: 1953 Sex: Male
Married: 19 Children:
Interesting Relationships and Coincidences:  As Solicitor General before 2005, Terrence Arnold J was instrumental in withholding the ‘Butcher Report’ from evidence in the Berryman bridge disaster.  This report revealed the Army’s culpability in the faulty construction that caused the collapse of the bridge and the death of a local beekeeper.  The Army instead submitted a sanitized report into evidence which expunged the relevant causations.  As a result, the Army (government) has so far dodged responsibility.  Justice Arnold was appointed to the Court of Appeal by himself shortly afterward in what is euphemistically described as a quid pro quo for a ‘job well done’ but, more accurately, is a result of .
Miscellaneous: Lawyers are taught to bend the truth but, in the case of Mr. Arnold, his close association with criminal elements in his legal practice is considered by many to have created in him a moral detachment from the law and a blurring of the line between right and wrong.  Most who know the man have no illusion that his coveting of a judgeship has a high ‘personal agenda’ quotient.  Where Terrence Arnold J’s interests are concerned, he will always find a law to foster it, even if it requires him making ‘facts’ and law up.  While accepted behaviour for a lawyer, this is a particularly dangerous attribute for a Court of Appeal judge where litigants have no direct right of appeal to the newly formed New Zealand Supreme Court.

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