Kiwis are Dodos According to ‘Top Judge’

With her shameless self aggrandising propaganda only briefly bamboozling the British, 68 year old Highdame-lowell-goddard Court Judge Dame Lowell Goddard has returned her focus on New Zealanders to cloak reality.

The Times reported this week Goddard was “Abusive. Racist. Appalling. Intolerable. Catastrophic.” – this according to insiders of the United Kingdom child sex abuse inquiry Goddard chaired for a disastrous 18 months.  Meanwhile, the New Zealand media portrayed ‘top judge’ Goddard as a victim of the inquiry.  Fairfax focused on Goddard’s response, which stated in part “My major concern was to protect the inquiry and its work and identify how the problems I encountered could be overcome. The conduct and failures of those involved has since come under scrutiny.  This will give New Zealanders some insight into what I experienced.”

Yes. Poor Dame Goddard wants Kiwis to know she was never aboard this sinking ship let alone at the helm.  Instead she was nobly intending to sound the foghorn alert from the distant lighthouse and finally did so after her coerced resignation as chair of the inquiry 18 months on.

Despite Goddard’s expressed “major concern” to assist the inquiry and “identify how the problems she encountered could be overcome”, she is currently facing official censure by the British Parliament for refusing to answer questions about her tenure as chairwoman of the investigation.  This enigma is what Kiwis who entered her court room have experienced for years.

Only the New Zealand media can habitually conceal these brazen contradictions and sell Goddard’s fictional reality to the public as news.

That Goddard’s tenure was disastrous is not in dispute.  Goddard’s excuse is she was hamstrung by “a legacy of failure” and that nothing was her fault.  The facts – seldom a factor in a New Zealand court room, which possibly explains Goddard’s detachment – tell a different story.   After Goddard was publicly exposed for being AWOL 74 days in her first year on the job, failing to conduct any hearings and admitting she still lacked comprehension of English law, including her own jurisdiction in the inquiry, she abruptly resigned.  Her 32-word part handwritten and part typed resignation letter was amateurish and an embarrassment to Attorney-General Chris Finlayson who had personally assured then-Home Secretary Theresa May in December 2014 that Goddard was the ideal professional to head the UK inquiry into historical child abuse cases.

Theresa May had been warned.  She had viewed the 2014 lawyer survey which ranked Goddard dead last among New Zealand judges and revealed Goddard’s history of milking and under performing in any opportunity which came her way.  None of this important news was reported by the New Zealand media.  Not when Goddard was appointed a High Court judge and received light duty because she complained sitting on the bench during hearings was bad on her back.  Not when Goddard took over Chair of the Independent Police Complaints Authority and quickly created a culture of secrecy and complaint backlogs.  Not even when Goddard had a bent judge she unduly protected from prosecution years earlier (Judge Michael Lance) appointed as her second in command.

As a District Court Judge 20 years ago Judge Lance travelled to Rotorua to preside over a blackmail trial against his son Stephen’s business partner.  Lance threw out the case.  When police found out the relationship they wanted to prosecute Lance but Goddard and recently retired Supreme Court Justice John McGrath refused to allow it on grounds it was not in the public interest.

Lance soon after resigned as Goddard’s deputy after being criminally prosecuted for keying a parked car in front of his Takapuna apartment.

At her sex abuse inquiry appointment Goddard deftly evaded Home Affairs Select Committee questions on her obstruction of the police investigation of Lance, responded that she had to seek advice as to what “the establishment” is because it is a term she has never come across as a New Zealander and added she had not appointed Lance her deputy.  The latter was at best a dance on the head of a pin.  The Hansard recorded that Goddard had “recommended (Lance) as a sound appointment choice” as her deputy.

As worrisome as Goddard’s press-assisted spin is, the current question is whether Goddard will continue to treat New Zealander’s intelligence with the same contempt she has shown her British paymasters.  This alleged abusive racist is already promoted locally by the establishment as a leading human rights proponent in New Zealand and this is plainly an affront to right thinking New Zealanders even if the damning indictment of her conduct currently coming out of England proves in the end to be somewhat inflated.