Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

Dear Friends,

The New Zealand Supreme Court this week issued a judgment sentencing me to three months’ prison for alleged contempt of an interim gag injunction issued in a 2005 civil proceeding.  The judges euphemistically claimed this “allowed” my appeal against a six-month sentence of the High Court.

My appeal to the Supreme Court was not for a reduction of sentence.  My appeal was for acquittal on the grounds nothing on this website breaches any injunction or, alternatively, for a new trial based upon the Court unlawfully denying me a trial by jury.   

Rejigging the penalty to three months was a cunning contravention by the Supreme Court of s24(e) of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 which guarantees citizens facing more than 3 months prison the right to trial by jury.  This move by the Country’s highest judges to morph a Court of Appeal ruling simply to evade statutory law – a change neither party asked for – is an alarming affront to the rule of law.  The message is that judicial whim is the true law in New Zealand.

Sadly, this was not the worst.  All the evidence before the Court proved that nothing on this site breaches any injunction.  Moreover, this fact was known to the High Court, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court judges.  Not one judge has identified any content since 2007 which breaches the injunction. 

But because Solicitor General David Collins misled the Court in bringing the contempt charge against me in 2008, and I was actually sent to prison as a result, the Judges have perverted the law and ignored this evidence in order to protect David Collins from criminally misleading the Court, while giving the false impression that I am not credible, as well as a lawbreaker.  The judges’ aim is a political one: to shut down this legal news website because it provides valuable information to the New Zealand public on the often furtive and overtly prejudicial operations of the judiciary.

As the Supreme Court judges could not refer to any evidence, they resorted to claiming in paragraph [69] of their ruling that they are sending me to prison based upon unsworn submissions by Solicitor General Collins’ lawyer! 

I will be filing a writ of Habeas Corpus, as well as a complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva.  My affidavit and evidence in support of this Habeas Corpus application show how dangerous challenges to the rule of law in New Zealand are actually coming from judges whose rulings are largely issued in a vacuum and who are never held accountable for contravening fundamental laws which protect us all.

Kindest regards,
Vince Siemer, kiwisfirst