Appeal Justice Tony Randerson complaint

Justice Tony Randerson Subject of Own Judicial Misconduct Complaint

Kiwisfirst has learned that Court of Appeal Justice Tony Randerson – who three weeks ago was appointed to head up a three-member Judicial Conduct Panel to investigate and conclude on the alleged misconduct by Supreme Court Justice Bill Wilson in presiding over a 2007 appeal where the judge failed to divulge his financial indebtedness to counsel – is himself the subject of a “very serious” complaint to the Office of the Judicial Conduct Commissioner.

The lawyer filing that complaint is understood to have made the Office of the Attorney General aware of the nature of Judge Randerson’s alleged indiscretions as well.

While the details of Randerson J’s alleged misconduct have yet to surface, the conduct is reported to be more egregious than that of Wilson, if proven.

The lawyer who made the complaint has refused comment other than to say he has faith in the Office of the Judicial Conduct Commissioner to properly investigate and did not wish to say anything which might compromise that investigation.  This included being named as the lawyer who initiated the complaint.

The revelation raises the spectre that Randerson J does not approach his panel appointment impartially and may actually have a personally vested interest in undermining the entire Judicial Conduct Panel process given his own personal problems with alleged judicial misconduct.

Kiwisfirst has made a formal request of acting Attorney General Judith Collins to find out whether Ms Collins was aware  of Justice Randerson’s own potential conflict with sitting on any panel prior to her appointing him, as well as details as to the nature of the complaint against him.

Attorney General Chris Finlayson was pressured to defer decisions concerning the make up of  the panel to Ms Collins due to his own extensive personal and past business relationships with Judge Wilson.  This was after the Attorney General had filed extensive legal briefs in support of Wilson’s suspect conduct to the Supreme Court immediately after his appointment to Attorney General in late 2008.