Red flagged by the blue gang

This post by by John Creser

As a victim of a number of serious crimes and an observer of others, I question the performance of the New Zealand Police in resolving a number of matters I’ve personally brought to their attention over the past 20 years. Not one single issue has been investigated nor to my knowledge prosecuted to restore my property, please correct me if I’m wrong.

I am not alone in my concerns and a former Police Prosecutor makes critical observations on the NZ justice system on the following web page

Incident 1
In December 2007, after numerous discussions with Superintendent Dave Trappit and others at Police National Headquarters, I was advised to make a complaint of perjury against my trustee.

This followed my trustees and solicitors taking bankruptcy action against me after claiming in several affidavits that they held no security for a very minor debt, while holding my share of an estate worth over $300,000. The following link refers to this issue:
Result- It has been 7 months and I have not been contacted by the Police

Incident 2
On the morning of the 22 of June 2007 I made a complaint that my car had been damaged by a group of five or six persons in the car park of the Mana Marina. I was chased to my car at 1am and a window was smashed. After following the vehicle the offenders were in, I made a complaint to the Porirua Police, providing the registration of the car and fingerprint evidence from the beer bottles at the scene & from the car. Video evidence was available from several sources. The damage to the vehicle cost over $2000 to repair.
 Result– The Police apparently lost the file and I have yet to be contacted one year after making the complaint.

Incident 3
In October 2006 I made a 111 call, please note, this was the day after a vehicle  was driven into a crowd and fatally injured two teenagers in Northland, and I reported in incident in where a woman driving a car had purposefully rammed another vehicle and then tried to run the other driver over when she got out of the car. A neighbour who works for the ESR also witnessed this incident.
Result-I have not been contacted by Police, despite providing the registration of the vehicle concerned and advising that there were other witnesses.

I dialed 111 after a mentally deranged woman attacked my boat with a hammer and threw beer bottles at me on Titahi Bay beach.(in front of the Police)
Result.-The Police did not arrest this woman at this time and she was free for a further ten days before being locked up in the psychiatric ward of Wellington Hospital for 3 months. I did not pursue the matter because she was clearly insane, something not recognized by the Police, who could have acted promptly and prevented another dozen or so people from being seriously inconvenienced by this woman’s lunacy.

Incident 5
In 2004 I reported my car stolen to the Police. Three days after the initial report I started looking myself and followed a trail of evidence that led me to the thieves in Levin. This took me approximately three hours.
Result-Despite providing the Police with all the necessary details to track & trace my car and recover it promptly, it took over a year to recover my car, which was a write off by then. The incident was reported by media and referred to in a Dompost editorial.

Incident 6
In 2004 I made a complaint to the Porirua Police that my estate accounts were being kept fraudulently and provided documentary proof that an account had been inflated by $1000.
Result-Police claim that the falsification of accounts discloses no offence because all parties to the transaction were aware the bill was artificially inflated or padded. This is of course impossible because the account was made out to my mother who was incapacitated and in a rest home. The other parties who were aware the account was fraudulent were her two trustees who held an enduring power of attorney! To date there has been no investigation or attempt by the Police to obtain disclosure of bank records to confirm the falsification of an account which  is an offence under the Secret Commissions Act 1910.

Last year I reported several hundred thousand dollars belonging to my trust being used for a purpose not authorised by the trust. This is an offence under s229 of the Crimes Act
Result. To date there has been no investigation.

Incident 8
In 1997 I was subject to a home invasion and awoke to find a houseguest unconscious and a person known to me trying to strangle me. Rather than kill the guy, as was my first instinct, I called the Police and took to his car with a lump of concrete.
 Result -The Police arrived and attempted to arrest me, before witnesses explained that I was the victim .. Naturally no charges were ever laid in respect of the home invasion & it was only because my houseguest was an officer of the Court that the Police finally brought one assault charge against the perpetrator.

Incident 9
On Friday the 13th of May 1988, I first reported the theft of a bag containing evidence relating to Court proceedings was stolen from the Wellington Railway Station. The Police did not investigate the theft, however I did eventually obtain an affidavit in 1995 identifying Ms Robin Morris as the thief and her employer  Dennis Selwyn Callessen, now a JP as a party to the theft.
Result-The Police did not investigate the theft when first reported to them in 1988 and in response to a Parliamentary Question (10848) the Minister of Police stated that the Police did not investigate because I had waited 7 years to report a relatively minor theft.One must therefore conclude that a perversion of the course of justice is considered a relatively minor offence in New Zealand.A private prosecution was brought on my behalf but the Attorney General Sir Geoffrey Palmer stayed the proceedings without any review of the available evidence.

Incident 10
Police Constable Pratt, came on board my yacht in Tutakaka very drunk, indeed as he stepped onboard he fell face first onto the cement deck and split open his nose. He was rambling and apologized about an incident involving the theft of my bicycle and an assault. Constable Pratt then declined my offer to drive him home and crashed his high-powered Ute into a ditch 200 yards from the Tutakaka Pub.
Result-Constable Pratt left the force but was never charged with that particular drunk driving incident that could have resulted in serious injury or death.

Incident 11
In 1987, I reported an assault after my bicycle was stolen from me on the beach at Waitangi, the birthplace of this fair nation. I lost a tooth in this assault.
Result: even though there was evidence of contusions and the broken tooth, the Police (Constable Pratt) did not bother to press charges or recover my property.
None of these issues involve trivial complaints and reveal a deep-seated malaise within the culture of the New Zealand Police. At this present moment the NZ Police are seeking to interview four members of the touring British Lions over an incident at an Auckland Hotel, without so much as a complaint or a complainant. In my case you will note a pattern of denial from the Police who consistently refuse to acknowledge that I’ve made a complaint at all.