To The Cunning Go the Spoils

Lowell-Goddard englandThe clarion cry of cunning and powerful factions is that the internet allows every crazy conspiracy theorist with a keyboard to deny the truth. Meanwhile it is the cunning State adventurists with keyboards shamelessly promoting the most audacious fiction, sometimes with mainstream media repetition, which makes Loch Ness monster sightings more believable in contrast.

Case in point.

Consider the Wikipedia page of New Zealander Lowell Goddard which popped up after her appointment to head the historical child sex abuse inquiry in Great Britain January of this year.  On it she is touted as a United Nations expert on prevention of torture, knighted “for her work on human rights”, a distinguished former chair of the Independent Police Conduct Authority in New Zealand and an “outstanding candidate with experience in challenging authority”.  And two of her four marriages have evaporated from her “spouse(s)” profile.

While only half of Goddard’s marriages have been expunged from the record, it is the reality that Goddard’s professional conduct contradicts her circus billing which gaffs the uneducated fish.  Far from independent or a challenger of authority, Goddard scored dead last in the 2014 Judge Survey Results of judges, largely a result of the informed perception she is a human rights hypocrite and panderer to special interests – particularly Crown interests.  She has done little for human rights other than to attend sometimes lavish conferences paid for by the New Zealand taxpayer and to claim her success as a woman with 1/8th Maori heritage proves her mettle.   And if ‘expert on preventing torture’ means she supports a structure which prevents any independent assessment of it, Goddard is your girl.  Of course this is only what the United Nations Committee Against Torture concluded this year of Goddard’s IPCA tutelage.  No need to let these inconvenient facts confuse the encyclopaedic fiction in her government handlers’ cunning profile of her.

What makes the Crown propaganda so remarkable is it is not content to exaggerate Ms Goddard’s strengths or even make up strengths.  Goddard’s Crown benefactors took this New Zealand Judge’s Achilles heels, propped them on bright red strapped stilettos and are selling her to the public as a runway thoroughbred.  To that end, they have topped Goddard herself – a woman who, throughout her career, has successfully sold her hollow wares on a substantial investment in, and an unbending focus on, lipstick and makeup.

While Goddard is widely known in New Zealand for bargain-rates quid pro quo patronage to her sponsors, the British inquiry into rampant sexual abuse of children is apparently not feeling secure despite paying more than twice her going rate.  Out of the seeming necessity of defying evidence of Goddard’s true conduct, they have dug deep for some miracle lipstick that even this makeup artist had yet to use.  They have painted this “Dame” “Queen’s Counsel” with an ex-husband “English Baron” as “anti-establishment”.   To Ms Goddard’s credit, she only went so far as to play the confused lawyer dancing on the head of a pin routine when she replied to the British Home Affairs Committee that she did not understand their question of what “establishment” meant.  The BBC responded with the headline “Judge has ‘no establishment links’” [11 February 2015].

This Dame and Queen’s Counsel who bore the child of an English Baron Goddard must have immediately thought she was in heaven.  The BBC had announced she had no establishment links despite plain proof it was pure poppycock.  If Goddard had harboured any reservations the British media might hold her feet to the fire in the sexual abuse of children inquiry, she now knows they will not look past the implausible words that flow over her impeccable lipstick.

For a woman who routinely sells her soul for an image, Ms Goddard must feel truly beholden.  Her paymaster and British media consort have, this time, gone the extra mile.  If there is one safe bet in this Inquiry it is that Goddard ‘knows’ her image relies at this point on satisfying her masters who have orchestrated all the glorious misrepresentative press for her.  The hapless child abuse victims will not pay her so much homage.  What is such a woman to do?